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Will Regular Spinal Adjustments Get Rid Of Low Back Pain?


Getting adjusted may make your low back feel good for a day, a few days, maybe even a week. But how long until that same pain comes back? Are you going to see your chiropractor or physical therapist every couple days, every week, every two weeks for months on end?

If you are being told that getting your back adjusted regularly will get rid of your pain, why do you have to keep going back? The answer is simple, your doctor is not addressing the real cause of your pain, therefore not treating it properly.

If you want to get rid of your low back pain, the solution is simple. STOP doing things that cause pain! Stop picking the scab! Do not expect to get out of pain if you continually put your low back in positions or movements that aggravate it day in and day out.

These positions and movements include: sitting at a desk too long, driving for hours at a time, continual bending over, standing in one position for too long, improper lifting technique, the list goes on.

Stay tuned for simple solutions to the problems listed above, but for now, find the things that are causing your low back pain...and STOP doing them.


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