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"Megan is the best ever! She is so genuine and truly cares about people. I can’t recommend her enough."

-Isaac L.

"I found Dr. Shoultz while on vacation with my family. My back and neck were hurting, and I couldn't wait until I returned home. The place is small and quaint. She greets you and handles all that you need. She did a great job adjusting and massaging me. I felt good again and was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Thank you, Dr. Shoultz!"

- Cynthia A.L

"I have seen many chiropractors in the last several years and I have to say that Treasure State Chiropractic, under the care of Megan Shoultz, is the best treatment that I have ever received. Megan is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and caring. Megan is very professional and truly cares about helping me through my pain. We have used several different methods of helping to reduce my pain and we have made significant progress. Megan really listens to my concerns and applies unique approaches to helping me manage my pain. What really impresses me most is her compassion. I highly recommend Treasure State Chiropractic and I am confident that I am on the road to recovery because of Megan's help and skill as a chiropractor."

- Nanci N.

"Dr. Shoultz is a phenomenal chiropractor! She takes her time to listen to her patients and goes the extra-mile when it comes to their care."

- Reid D.

"Fantastic doctor!!!"

- Kevin L.

"Top notch facility and care. When your body isn’t functioning at its best it effects you so much more than just physically. Megan At Treasure State Chiropractic understands this and can relate! She believes in restoring the quality of your overall health and makes you feel comfortable while working to heal your body in its current uncomfortable state. I wouldn’t trust just anyone with my health and neither should you. Do the research! Choose Treasure State Chiropractic"

- Bekah N.

"Quite simply, Megan gave me the best chiropractic experience I have ever had! And I have had a lot of them."

- Steve M.

"Left my experience here! Megan gave me plenty of time and attention to isolate the issue that I was having and then made sure I felt comfortable with treatment."

- Jenn B.

"We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shoultz as our chiropractor. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and very professional. She intently listens to all your concerns with your body and takes her time to adjust as needed. My daughter especially loved our visits to her and Dr. Shoultz was always very patient and kind with her while I was being adjusted. Her office is very clean and welcoming as well. I would recommend her to anyone"

- Cierra G.

"hello all..what i can say about my DR..... megan shoultz.... is she is night and day compared to the chiropractor i used for many years in the same small so very thankful for finding her ,she brings so much more to the table!!! ...megan is a top hand...i saw it my first visit and i feel better because of it.......thks doc!!"

- Steve M.

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