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Decreasing Low Back Pain At Work

Here is a simple stretch to perform every 20 minutes while working at your desk.

1. Stand up, reach your arms overhead and hold for a count of 10.

2. Now reach higher and reach farther back for another count of 10.

3. In this position fully and deeply inhale, working back into an upright and stress free standing posture.

4. You can also tilt side to feel the stretch more in the sides of your low back.

Drop your arms and relax. Now you have prepared your back to take on the next challenge of another sitting session.

If you are sitting at a desk most of the day this stretch is great at decompressing your spine. When you are sitting for hours on end, your spine is being compressed by gravity.

This stretch combats the stresses to your discs that build up during a period of sitting. Use this stretch to break up periods of sitting to avoid building up back discomfort.

Start with getting up from the chair and doing the stretch every 20 minutes, then adjust the time interval as you experiment with what works best for you.


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