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What is a chiropractic adjustment?

What is happening when we perform a chiropractic adjustment? Let’s set the record straight👇🏼 __________________________

There is a misconception that something in your back or neck is “out” and adjusting puts your spine back into “alignment”.

1. The vertebrae of your spine do not go “out”🤯 2. Instead of something being “out”, what you are likely feeling is the surrounding musculature and ligaments are irritated, causing pain, or the muscles are in spasm. 3. If things popped “out of place” in our spine, we would be an unstable mess, which would have drastic consequences. Instead, our spine is stable as hell, and can withstand a lot 💪🏼 4. We are not restoring “alignment” of your spine. There is no perfect posture or alignment, it’s all about restoring motion. __________________________

When we perform an adjustment, we are moving a segment that is just a little stuck. The adjustment triggers a quick stretch reflex of the surrounding muscles, meaning the muscles contract rapidly and then relax, which then allows the joints to move more easily. ___________________________

Adjusting is great at getting instant motion in the involved joints, but will not permanently fix the problem. We must identify what is causing the pain and lack of motion. We must work at correcting any faulty movement patterns that are present. Address those and you will find 🌈🍯 (pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 😉)

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