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Back-to-school safety tips

Summer is winding down, and families across America are gearing up for the beginning of a new school year. Help your kids start the year off right by considering some of our healthy back-to-school tips.

Although backpacks are practical, carrying around heavy books and supplies every day can cause discomfort and injury over time. Here are some backpack tips to prevent injury:

- Purchase a backpack that is the correct size and has compartments to help distribute the weight evenly. Packs with padded shoulder straps are a good choice as well. - Make sure to use both straps of the bag and adjust them so that there are no gaps between the straps and back. - If carrying multiple heavy books, opt to carry one or two in your arms to help redistribute the weight.

Encourage your child to practice good posture when sitting in the classroom. Hunching over the desk for hours every day is sure to cause discomfort. To sit at a desk correctly, they should:

- Keep their feet flat on the floor and their back against the back of the chair. - Shoulders should be relaxed. - Any computer screens, tablets, or books should be kept at eye-level to avoid moving into a forward head posture, which will strain the neck. Consider purchasing a desktop book stand to help prop the book up to eye-level.

By being proactive in your child’s health, you can help prevent problems. If your child does experience back, neck, head, or joint pain this school year, please give us a call.

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